Dr. Steve Ballis could make you a custom mouth guard to prevent oral injuries during sports. All of our mouth guards follow the guidelines set fourth by The Academy of Sports Dentistry.

Why have a Custom Fitted Mouth Guard :

  • Custom Fit is vital for protection at the time of impact
  • Better retention
  • Contoured for better comfort, breathing and speaking
  • Lamination increases protection
  • FDA approved Latex Free materials
  • Laminated under pressure and heat for the best retention and highest protection
  • Choice of colors and logos
  • Provides competitive edge to perform with confidence

Society spends more money on sports shoes than on mouth protection. An ill-fitted shoe could fall off, so could an ill-fitted mouthguard. Think of the guard as the helmet of your mouth.


  • Oral injuries are the most common type of facial injuries sustained during sports.
  • Boil and Bite mouthguard material is displaced and thinned out thus decreasing the
  • thickness between the teeth and the material.
  • Athletes are over 50% more likely to damage their teeth when not wearing a properly fitted mouthguard.
  • The cost of a custom guard is much less than of a broken tooth.
  • A properly fitted mouthguard will reduce the chances of injury and of sustaining a concussion from a hit to the lower jaw.
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